Vantage Interactive Business Directory Kiosk

The software development team of Vantage Innovations has been working on an R&D project in order implement current user interface advances such as multi-touch interfaces and video interaction. The result of this R&D initiative will be a software solution that will operate on standard off-the-shelf PC hardware to create a cost effective solution for providing a self-service business directory kiosk to a multi-tenant building facility and ultimately a multi-building campus environment.

The solution will leverage database and web technology to provide a simple and centralized way to maintain the business directory information. The directory data will be organized in a hierarchical manner, whereby an integrated system of kiosks can be used to provide location specific information and way-finder information for a large campus environment. For example, at the entrance to the campus, the directory will provide a high-level view of the entire campus, and allow a visitor to drill down into any of the designated buildings. When a visitor arrives at a building, the kiosk will provide building specific information; however can also optionally be used to navigate the directory for the entire campus. When the visitor arrives at a hallway, the kiosk will provide area specific information.

Touch Interface Business Directory

A visitor to a building will be able to use the kiosk to navigate a directory list of tenants via a multi-touch interface. The default screen displayed on the kiosk is a touch pad consisting of a “button” for each of the tenants and facilities in the building.

Touching a “button” for a designated tenant will display a way-finder map showing the visitor how to find the tenant’s office location within the building. Future enhancements to the software will provide additional options that will allow the visitor to browse additional information about the tenant’s business (such as hours of operation and company brochure), initiate a call to the tenant (to announce his arrival) and to leave a voice mail message if the tenant is not available.

Web-Based Administration

A web-based administration system will provide authenticated secure access to the directory information to change tenant information. Since the application is web-based, all that is required in order to maintain is a PC and network connectivity to the kiosk server system (i.e. the data administrator does not have to physically visit any of the kiosk systems – administration can be performed from the comfort and convenience of your office).

Future Product Development

Vantage Innovations plans to continue to evolve the product to include a variety of other useful features that will fully leverage the capabilities of the full capabilities of the peripheral components available in the standard “all-in-one” PC such as web-camera, microphone and speakers.

Expanded Tenant Information

In addition to way-finder information, the kiosk will have the capability to offer a visitor additional information about the tenant’s business, including hours of operation and description of products and services. Leveraging the kiosk’s multi-media capabilities, the digital content could even include interactive content allowing for visually interesting delivery of the information.

Tenant Presence Indicator

A tenant can optionally indicate their availability to accept a visitor by setting their status as “In” or “Out”.

Visitor Notification and Preview

When a visitor arrives at the kiosk and wants to visit the office of a tenant, and the tenant’s presence indicator is flagged as “In”, the kiosk will offer the visitor an option to send a notification to the tenant to initiate a video conference session. When the tenant receives notification, the tenant can preview who the visitor is.

Voice or Video Conferencing (visitor to tenant communications)

When the tenant receives notification, the tenant can optionally engage in a video or voice only conversation with the visitor.

Voice or Video Mail

In the event a tenant is not available to accept the visitor or declines, the kiosk allows the visitor to leave a voice mail or video mail message for the tenant.

Tenant Access to the Kiosk’s Web-Camera

Via the kiosk’s web-camera, authorized tenants will have access to the current video being captured by the kiosk’s web-camera. At any time, an authorized tenant can preview the activity taking place near any of the kiosks.

Motion Detection

Using the built-in web camera, the kiosk will be able to determine when there is motion and power-on the monitor of the kiosk. After a period of inactivity, the kiosk can power-down the monitor to conserve power.


Leveraging the kiosk’s web-camera and motion detection software, the system can be used to capture video of any activity taking place near the kiosks. The captured video will be stored on a separate storage server connected to the kiosk network. Retention rules will be used to specify the duration video history will be kept for. Only authorized users will have access to the captured video. In the event of a security issue arising the historical video can be referenced.

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