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Apptius strives to create a continuous learning environment in which you can grow and build your career. Our people have the opportunity to learn everywhere they turn, through exposure to mentors, challenging work assignments and training opportunities.
"Working at Apptius has had a positive impact on my career."
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Careers at Apptius

A career at Apptius offers opportunities to experience a variety of unique and dynamic work environments. Our people may work on consulting projects at client sites, be part of a virtual team at a solution centre, work on long-term assignments as part of an outsourcing contract or provide training in both an individual and classroom setting.

In addition, we encourage client dependent, flexible working arrangements, such as compressed work weeks, and when possible offer fly-backs to non-home locations so that our people can better manage their work/life balance.

The possibilities are many and diverse - where our people work within Apptius depends on their skills, their background, their interests and our business needs.

Consulting Projects

Consulting professionals generally work at a client site, collaborating with people from different areas to deliver forward-thinking solutions. These people may travel extensively and may work on assignments in different countries and for a variety of clients.

Solution Centre

Solution Centre is a specialized, dedicated facility where professionals from different areas of our company work together to design and deliver advanced technology solutions for our clients. In a Solution Center, our people are part of a larger team that collaborates to quickly and efficiently respond to new challenges.


Outsourcing professionals work in a longer-term role, helping manage and improve key functional and technical business processes for clients. Taking on challenging responsibilities to deliver services to a single client is customary in this environment.

Application Development
Let Apptius save you time and money by adding functionality to your existing programs.
Microsoft Outlook
Apptius offers professional development services for custom Microsoft Outlook solutions
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