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Does your organization need custom software? Is your development department getting behind in production? Do you need a temporary development skill set? Do you need Senior Developers not recent graduates? Are you tired of consulting firms that are nothing but a website? Not sure about the true capacity of a firm?

Then you’ve come to the right people.

For over 20 years, Apptius has focused on providing Bespoke Service to our clients, whether they be in the private or public sector; Crown Corporations, Publically Traded or Civic, State and Federal Government Departments; here in Winnipeg or across North America.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, our clients can be assured of our qualifications and standards. Our clients enjoy great success with Apptius because our approach is different. Apptius works collaboratively with our clients using a team approach which ensures the right skill sets for the right portion of the project.

Apptius provides professional services that deliver measurable business value to our clients. Our experienced developers, system and business analysts, programmers and project managers use their expertise in both Microsoft and Java technologies to provide end-to-end, turnkey solutions or as one of Winnipeg's top providers of outsourced development personnel on a contract basis, filling that critical staffing gap.

Our Services

Project Recovery

Projects fail when quality, scope, budget, or schedule do not meet expectations.  Often this occurs for a variety of reasons and critical to an effective "recovery" of any project is the quick identification of the project's shortcomings followed by a clearly defined turnaround plan to get the project back on track. Our service offering provides senior project recovery specialists skilled at "rescuing" projects that are failing or on a path to failure. Turning around a failing project is never easy but our proven framework has been successful.  Our senior project recovery specialists can apply the same methodology to optimize your projects before your start the project to ensure an effective and efficient delivery.

Application Development

An application built with your business and its goals in mind is one of the best investments a business can make.

Improved efficiency, better customer experience, automation and real time data are some of the many reasons why building applications or modifying existing business applications means good things for your business. Our experience with businesses and projects both big and small and our diverse range of talent and extensive experience in .NET and other languages ensures that the software we build or modify for you business will meet or exceed the goals that are particular to your business.

Systems Analysis & Design

A system analysis professional from Apptius is what you need to ensure that you get a fully functioning system analysis and design that meets the needs of all of system stakeholders. An Apptius professional will take the time to fully understand and define all of the system requirements for the needed system. After discovering how people will use the system and what they need out of it, what technology or non-technology components are required, our professional will be able to develop a comprehensive system that satisfy all of your requirements.

Business Analysis

One of the keys to a successful project is effective business analysis. Taking the time to understand exactly what the client requires from the software and to what their expectations are is one of the most important phases in a project life cycle.

Apptius uses their ART© methodology for effective requirements analysis. The Apptius Requirements Technique© is the result of our research combined with development of best practices and several years of practitioner experience.

Project Management

A good Project Manager is key for a project to successful. Projects without proper project management are more likely to fail; without clear leadership and somebody ensuring that everybody is working towards a common goal and keeping everybody inspired and motivate, projects can become unfocused, inefficient and could possibly stall out altogether.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is number one. Apptius will make sure that you as the client is 100% happy before solutions are launched or deployed. This is especially true if you need other companies work or your own staff’s programming reviewed.
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Consulting Services

Our staff and consultants are all intermediate to senior experts in their fields and have vast experience in the following technologies, processes, languages and more; If you’re not sure if we have a certain expertise, just ask. Whether developing a Module of a larger project or doing a complete “end to end” software solution Apptius has the skills and experience to deliver top quality development with the latest technologies on time and on budget.
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What Our Clients Say

Apptius Computer Solutions consultants provided us with very professional services.

In our case, Apptius team members provided swift, decisive and easy to use solutions to any issue we had over the last few years.

These solutions increased our productivity and accountability of our staff, helped us to better serve our customers by providing them ad-hoc access to their order / part status at any time, with no need for direct communication over slower channels (email, phone).

Also he helped us connect various systems at our location in to one,  centralized  and accessible single point of entry.

We are on year six working with Apptius and look forward to their continued service.

Brian Waldner


Our organization has been very pleased with the success of the particularly complex data management project Apptius developed and migrated for us.

Programming skills were superior, communication and reporting was consistently professional and the project delivery was effectively; on time, on budget and with bonus features we hadn’t expected.

We look forward to future support and services from Apptius.

Neil Frechette, IT Manager

Farmers Edge

Working with Apptius as the IT Director and IT Project Director of a major, multi-year multimillion dollar project, I was able to assemble and lead an incredibly talented team of Solution Architects, DBAs, Business and Systems Analysts, .Net and Java Developers, and Quality Assurance Analysts.

These professional team members were a delight to work with throughout this transformative project as it was evident from the start they were partners not just IT consultants.  Apptius provided me with a highly motivated team of individuals who readily took the initiative to promote innovation and achieve remarkable project successes. Their exceptional technical skills included work with Adobe Lifecycle, .Net and Java applications and the conversion of a legacy mainframe application.

After my many years of IT management experience leading the successful delivery of strategic IT solutions I can easily say that Apptius has been the most outstanding IT consulting company I have had the pleasure of working with during my career.

Cecelia Antonio, IT Director

Careers with Apptius

A career at Apptius offers opportunities to experience a variety of unique and dynamic work environments. Our people may work on consulting projects at client sites, be part of a virtual team at our office or work on long-term assignments as part of an outsourcing contract. In addition, we encourage client dependent, flexible working arrangements, such as compressed work weeks, remote work and part time. The possibilities are many and diverse - where our people work within Apptius depends on their skills, their background, their interests and our business needs.


Evgeni, .Net Developer (MCPD)

As an Apptius employee, I have the opportunity to work with various people on a broad spectrum of assignments. I also get to be on the cutting edge of technology and professionalism by obtaining additional and relevant certifications. I am on the cutting edge by learning and attending conferences such as the “Visual Studio Live” Conference in Orlando, Florida in December 2011


Project Manager

With the diverse assortment of clients that Apptius works with, consultants enjoy the opportunity to experience different work environments and technologies. This helps all of us develop our skills and experience levels, accelerating our careers much faster than would be possible working for a single employer. As an Apptius consultant, we enjoy the benefits of a full-time employer, but get to take on new challenges and roles as often as we like.

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